About Us

Zerlotti Genetics is a leader in the ever advancing field of equine genetics and technology. Performing over 8000 successful embryo transfers over the years with an industry leading 85% percent successful embryo transfer rate makes Zerlotti Genetics a must use facility. Using today's most innovative procedures and renowned experts, the facility has offered advanced breeding solutions to all equine breeds in the United States and abroad for decades. Owner, Dr. Mario Zerlotti is an internationally known expert in the field of Equine Reproduction with over 30 years of experience and specializing in Embryo Transfers. In 1999, Mario was invited to South Texas from his homeland of Brazil to start an Embryo Transfer program at Double Diamond Ranch. He has grown his services into his own facility now located in Pleasanton, Texas and performing services for some of the most powerful breeders here in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and such Middle Eastern countries as Qatar, Ajman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai to name a few. He is truly a leader in the industry and continues to offer breeders around the world his experience and knowledge with the highest of success ratios.

Our Mission

What you call a miracle we call a day’s work. The art of embryo transfer requires the perfect combination of skilled science and horsemanship. At Zerlotti Genetics we take our science and horsemanship very seriously.

What you call a miracle... we call a day's work!
743 Witten Rd
Pleasanton, Texas 78064