Embryo Freezing

The year of 2014 is coming with new techniques at Zerlotti Equine Reproduction.

One of them is the commercial use of FREEZING EMBRYOS by vitrification.

The development of a good technique for the cryopreservation of equine embryo has been extremely necessary. A number of factors have contributed to the slow development and implementation of this technique. The important factors are:

- The absence of commercially available products for superovulation

- Difficulty in recovering embryos at early stage of development

- Low pregnancy rate

Many researches are in progress for the improvement of this technique. 

Advantages of freezing equine embryos:

- Cryopreservation of the genetic material from a specific mare-stallion cross

- Long-term storage

- Easier and less expensive international transport compared to the transport of a live horse

- In a place where there are not enough recipients mares, the option would be freezing the embryo until more mares are added to the program

- Flushing embryos at the end of breeding season or out of season, these embryos can be stored, then transferred in the beginning of another breeding season. One option of getting early foals.

With the partnership between Zerlotti Equine Reproduction and ViaGen we have the opportunity to use the vitrification technique developed by Dr. Shawn Walker, which we've been using in cloned embryos for more than 5 years.

The cloned embryos are produced in vitro and frozen at morula stage or early blastocyst stage. We've been freezing cloned embryos for more than 5 years with a great success.

Zerlotti Equine Reproduction wishes that breeders take advantage of this available and valuable technique in the equine reproduction field.




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